Place of Power for the People of the Future

About SpiroVerse

SpiroVerse is a self-improving digital space with game mechanics. A projection of reality, where people of the present gradually learn to be people of the future.

Our mission is to unite people in search of their true calling and create a better world together.

Enter The SpiroVerse

Humanity is at a turning point. After millennia of scientific and technological development, we are slowly awakening to the reality that much of our health, balance and happiness comes from the channeling and care of natural Energy Flows. We are awakening to a new form of Consciousness. One that understands scientific and traditional healthcare treat symptoms and not causes, and that we can identify the Authentic Power that syncs health and wellbeing with our emotional states.

But there is much more to it. Humans stand atop the pyramid of Life on Earth. And with this power, it behooves us to be responsible, caring, loving and sustainable for the wealth and health of our planet. Humanity is one, and through a new Consciousness and EnergyCare, Gaia can also be one.

Sacred NFT

Sacred NFT

SpiroVerse's nascent event is upon us. This is a momentous occasion we are celebrating only with the few that share our vision, that need to transcend and evolve, that want to work together towards a better future for Humanity.

A collection of Utility NFTs that embody the synergy of beauty, wisdom, emotion and access to the SpiroVerse community, platform and experiences.

Sacred Collection Utility

First Level

Utility of the first level:

  • Initiation into SpiroHuman community.
    • 2-3 sessions per week with specialists
    • Mindfulness courses, events, access to ‘Monads’
    • Participation in SpiroVerse project development
  • Early access to SpiroVerse platform
  • Early access to purchase of physical Artifact of relevant NFT
36 TON

Second Level

Utility of the second level:

  • Early access to SpiroVerse MarketSpace (on TON)
96 TON

Third Level

Utility of third level:

  • Investment Privilege - Receive SpiroTron ($SPIRO) tokens on platform launch. Gives 450 SpiroTrons With a possibility to get 675 SpiroTrons if held for 1 year after listing
  • Exclusive offers for future products in SpiroVerse MarketSpace (on TON)
235 TON

Fourth Level

Utility of fourth level:

  • Investment Privilege - Receive SpiroTron ($SPIRO) tokens on platform launch. Gives 850 SpiroTrons with a possibility to get 1,275 SpiroTron’s if held for 1 year after listing
  • Exclusive offers for future products in SpiroVerse MarketSpace (on TON)
  • Access to SpiroVerse exclusive events
369 TON

Super Investor Value

Gives a holder 6,369 SpiroTrons with a possibility to get 9,553 SpiroTron’s if held for 1 year after.
The Artifact Collection does provide an abundance of material benefits. But they have been carefully crafted to provide balance and evolution in the 12 modalities of our personality. Additionally, holders of the complete NFT collection can change it to the SpiroUnity NFT. A tridimensional Sacred Artifact that renders a 50% yearly yield on the entire cost of the collection, paid in SpiroTron tokens. A once in a lifetime opportunity to embark on the path to SpiroHuman.

1740.8 TON

Choose your artifact

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The law #4


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The law #13


Community Access

Experts, beginners, curious minds, open minds. Our community is a pool of resources. A cornucopia of souls willing to teach and learn and explore together. Over 70,000 strong, the SpiroVerse philosophy of communal share of knowledge and expertise, where we all can share our experiences and learn from each other, as well as consult with world experts in their fields, the Community is our most valuable asset. And through the Sacred Artifact Collection, is now open to you.


Increasing our education and investing in ourselves is always the most effective use of time and money. The results of these continue to live in our future forever. In addition, holders of Level Three, Level Four and/or the SpiroUnity NFTs will get a 50% yearly yiald on their investment in SpiroTron Tokens.